Colour Me Intrigued

Do you love to be different? Not everything has to be black and white anymore and that includes your windows. Here at CTG Windows we can help you create a unique and complimentary design.

Our woodgrain finish is of such high quality that it is near impossible to tell the difference between this finish and actual timber windows, offering a more affordable way to bring style into your home.

You can chose from our standard or premium colour ranges to complete the look, whether you want a classic wooden look with Cherrywood, Golden Oak, or Mahogany or a subtle pastel look from Cream, Rustic Cherry, Irish Oak, Blue, or Red – plus many more! You can even request that the inside colour be white and the outside be in colour to make it easier to match with your interior decor.

We are confident that we can find the right colour and style for you without compromising anywhere on the quality.

Coloured windows not your style? Try our decorative glass instead. We offer bespoke designs to give you that little bit of je ne sais quoi. There is an unlimited range available from the classic Georgian Bar to stains and bevels and borders. All will add that extra bit of a character to your home. Why not take advantage of our custom made service today?