Increased Privacy with Obscured Glass

Often there is a need for at least one or 2 windows in your household to offer some privacy – you’re bathroom window(s) for instance. But did you know that there is a range of different options to choose from when deciding on your glazing design.

Our range of obscure glass offers you varying levels of privacy and a great choice of design – over 20 varieties.

Our most popular options are Cotswold, Contora, Oak, Minster, Autumn, Stippolyte, Digital, and Pelerine – pictured in the image above.

Pancake Day

It’s that time of year again – and one of our favourite celebrations – Pancake Day!

We’re using up all our eggs, flour, and sugar before lent begins and making messes of our kitchen work tops (and ceilings!) in the process.

We’ve also been looking at how the traditions began and how other countries enjoy this day. Did you know in France they call today Mardi Gras – literally meaning ‘Fat Tuesday’? This may be our favourite wording!

And where did the tradition of flipping your pancakes come from or pancake races? Apparently it’s been traced back to the 15th century where it is said a woman in Buckinghamshire raced to the church to confess her sins whilst in the middle of making pancakes.

Whether you like American style chunky pancakes or the thinner French crepes and whether you have them as an after-dinner treat or as your breakfast – we hope you are joining in the celebrations with us.

Popular Styles

When it comes to conservatories there are 4 main styles that can be chosen. Picking the right style for you couldn’t be easier however! Just read the simple guide below…


Victorian Conservatories

This is the most traditional look – a conservatory with three to five facets at the front and ornate detailing along the roof apex. Victoria conservatories have a round front which can limit the amount of useable space.


Edwardian/Georgian Conservatories

Currently this is the most popular style. Its square shape gives you the maximum amount of internal space and the most options when it comes to choosing where to install the door. With its vaulted roof, this design creates a real sense of space. You even have the option of building one wall of both wall space and windows, giving an area to hang things inside like a TV or to provide a bit of privacy.


Gable Conservatories

This style is a flat frame at the front giving you a sense of a more bespoke design. This style is perfect if you are looking to fit blinds to the windows as they are all rectangular in shape.


Lean to Conservatories

The lean is fast becoming popular due to its simplicity and low cost options. This is ideal if you have height restrictions or where there are adjoining walls.



Finally, if you want something more your own we offer something a little bit different with our bespoke styles. There is a wide range of styles that can be adopted – if you want a P, T, or L shape. We are always adaptable so that we can ensure our customers receive the right design, the right colour, and the right price.


With beautiful finishing touches such as lantern roofs, tiled roofs, bi-fold doors, and a wide range of colours – all without the association of high cost.

A conservatory is one of the most cost-effective ways to extend your home. Why not call for your quote today?