Pancake Day

It’s that time of year again – and one of our favourite celebrations – Pancake Day!

We’re using up all our eggs, flour, and sugar before lent begins and making messes of our kitchen work tops (and ceilings!) in the process.

We’ve also been looking at how the traditions began and how other countries enjoy this day. Did you know in France they call today Mardi Gras – literally meaning ‘Fat Tuesday’? This may be our favourite wording!

And where did the tradition of flipping your pancakes come from or pancake races? Apparently it’s been traced back to the 15th century where it is said a woman in Buckinghamshire raced to the church to confess her sins whilst in the middle of making pancakes.

Whether you like American style chunky pancakes or the thinner French crepes and whether you have them as an after-dinner treat or as your breakfast – we hope you are joining in the celebrations with us.