Website Updates

As you know back in July 2015 we completely up hauled our website changing everything from the logos to the posts – and all for the better. We are constantly updating our websites in order to give our customers the best experience and to ensure they have as much information on our products as possible. Every business is developing and changing so much over the years that ensuring that all information is up to date.

With this in mind we are happy to announce we have recently included our new brochures for several of our windows, doors, and conservatories. You are now able to download specific brochures to show you all the information on a particular product providing you more information on the item in question and photos of finished products.

To have a look at one of these, check out:

and click on the ‘download brochure’ section.

Condensation? A Sign of Energy Efficiency.

While the months are still chilly one of the big questions we are asked is ‘Should I be concerned there is condensation on the outside of my windows?”

The simple answer? No.

Condensation on the outer windows is a natural occurrence during the colder months and is actually proof that your windows are performing well. Our energy efficient windows are designed to keep the warm air inside your property. This results in the inside of the windows being warmer than the outside so whilst there may be condensation on the outside this simply means that the outdoor temperature is much lower.

Most of the time the sun will warm the glass and eliminate the condensation early on in the day before you will even open your curtains and see it and with our recommended double and triple glazed units acting as insulators you can rest assured knowing your have picked a fantastic product.

A Brighter Summer

Now that the clocks have gone forward we are looking forward to longer days, (hopefully) warmer temperatures, and the light lasting longer into the evening.

So, how to embrace this extra day time without leaving the comfort of your home? Have you considered having a home extension installed? Our beautiful orangeries and conservatories are a fantastic way of adding extra room to your house as well as giving you somewhere to let in as much light and warm sun rays as possible without getting you all hot and flustered.

We have a wide range of options as your product will be made bespoke to your order. Whatever option you decide we can guarantee you energy efficiency and a gorgeous finish.

Not to mention the benefits of having an extra room in which to be able to fully enjoy your garden during the colder months without having to sit outside in the cold.

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