Tiled Roof Conservatories – An Extension

We’ve been talking a lot about the latest innovative conservatory product – tiled roofs, over the past few weeks, and noticed an increased number of these being built. I’m sure many of you are wondering how these work and what the benefits are. Tiled roof conservatories are different from our others in many ways but without losing out on any of the benefits. We’ve compiled a detailed description on this latest product to give you all the information on why these tiled roof conservatories are a growing phenomenon.

How it Works

In the past before all our improvements on glass and technology, conservatories were rather notorious for being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, not to mention the noise when it rains! Tiled roofs completely solve these problems – for good. Tiled roofs are made from lightweight materials that are super-efficient, weighing up to seven times less than traditional roof tiles but with all the benefits. This means that when replacing the roof it does not put any extra pressure on the frame and foundation. The tiles are also tested against extreme weather conditions meaning they are guaranteed to last.

The Benefits

Year Round Enjoyment – With the insulation of a tiled roof conservatory designed specifically to regulate the temperature of the room, home-owners are able to use their conservatories all year round. Being better insulated the winter months are made more comfortable and warm and the summer months are kept cooler.

Reduced Energy Bills – Like all our products high energy bills are not a concern. The insulation means superior energy efficiency, especially when teamed with our fantastic ‘Four Seasons’ conservatory glass.

Roof Lights – You might be worried that tiled roofs will mean losing out on direct sunlight from above but you don’t have to! We offer a wide range of options on sky lights & lanterns meaning you can still enjoy the overhead sun and warmth and light it offers, whilst still enjoying all the benefits of your tiled roof.

An Extension – Tiled roofs offer a unique look that feels more like a natural extension of your home. The tiles are designed and picked specifically to match those of the house roof as well, meaning the finish is just stunningly complementary.

Bespoke – No matter the size or shape of your existing conservatory or the space in which you would like one built, our roofs are bespoke made so can match any design.


There are so many reasons why more and more people are choosing to add this feature to their conservatories, especially with our prices. For a free, no obligations quote or to discuss in more depth call us on 01736 754825, email at info@ctgwindows.co.uk or visit our local showroom in Hayle.

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